Its Sunday and since I work is less stressful I am getting out a little more so I have a few more things to write and keep updated. The week was good and work is still smooth besides the cleaning up of old problems but each day we are getting more and more cleaned up. Friday night PJ and I went out to dinner with Seth from GC at Fultons on the River and as the last couple times the food was very mediocre but the place is nice and easy to get into. We drank a couple bottles of with and shared some appetizers and actually split 3 main courses, King Crab, Scallops and a surf and turf. We hung and talked business and stuff and had a nice time. Saturday night was Sergio's Birthday and we all went out to KC Morans in Wrigley for a fun night. I have pictures posted on friends and fun and i just tossed them all up there so some good and bad ones. Well this week I am heading to KC to see Garth Brooks with some close friends from Houston who are taking a few of us to the show and that should be a good time. I am not a huge fan but I want to a show in Vegas a long time ago and it was great and this one should be a good time. Till next time

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