things are getting better

Well the more I try to post regular I seem to end up posting less. We have been busy dealing with Hannah Montana and winding down parts of the business. Things are really so much better right now and they will continue to improve untill they are hopefully perfect soon. I wish I had lots of exciting things to share but not much going on. I am actually in St louis right now visiting my sister and the kids with my dad, we brought her all our previous generation electronics such as new computer, my dads 50in plasma and also I got her a Apple TV which is the greatest device and also I got Evan and Erin each there own Ipod Touch. I loaded them with lots of Kids movies and TV shows and I know they are gonna have a blast with them. Few things I have done recently outside of work have been Van halen show which was good but way too loud, I must be getting old cuz I just said too loud. The other night we saw Sara Evans and Joes and had a blast, I got extremly drunk and after a full night of drinking I actually had a drinking contest with PJ and the last thing we both remember was taking the shots. Well after waking up lost and confused I will have to say after the pictures I saw and the stories I heard I think that was my last college style drinking content. Well thats it for now and I am going to try to post more as I always say =)

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