Time flies

Time flies by again and it has been a longer than I wanted since my last entry. Business has picked up the last week and things have been smooth at the office. We went to the White Sox game on Wednesday and had a great time in Danny Cohens suite we used last year, the game lasted forever and I think it went 14 innings. The white sox won and I posted a few pictures in the friends and fun Gallery, we also went out for more drinking after so all that drinking made thursday a little tough. Thursday night the last thing I wanted to do was more drinking but I had a surprise party to goto for Seth from Gold Coast for his 40th b-day. They rented a huge boat and we went out for like 3 hours on the lake it was a ton of fun. It was good seeing Seth and Dan and Max, PJ and I had fun and somehow we ended up drinking more afterwards at the Hyatt downtown. Well thats about it and I am looking forward to a couple quiet nights and Golf on Sunday.

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