August is here

Well not much going on to report. I went to my dads's place in Michigan City and spent some time sunday with my Niece and Nephew and sister and Jeff and Janice and my Dad. We had some BBQ and also actually went Blueberry picking. I have posted a few new Galleries. Michigan City under Family, also Jamie and PJ's Birthday night out and also just updated a few older Galleries. I added pictures to the Dalai Lama Gallery and also the one of the India Galleries. I actually bought a new Camera since I lost my other one on the Golf Course in Vegas, I hope the pictures come out better with the New Cannon I got. Also Don from TN sent me back my Segway I loaned his office so maybe I will crack my head again and wake up in an Ambulance like I did years ago. Well not much to report other than I am still walking a ton and biking more and more. Adios

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