Happy Birthday PJ and Jamie

Hello its wednesday night and I am posting from my new messenger toy. It is called adium and it is for macs only, I actually have all my IM accounts on here and it gave me the choice to add Live Journal also. Well the week is half over and I will have to say that monday felt like a Saturday night. We went out for PJ's and Jamie's Birthday and for anyone that didn't know they were born on the same day in 1980. Wow 1980 was so long ago Geez. We went to out to dinner in Greek town at Costas and it was a group of 20 or so people. Dinner was very good and we have a few special guests, Sr joined us and Eddie came also, there were a few other people that should have been there but I think there was miscommunication on the invites. We had a blast and the night got very nutty. After dinner and heavy drinking we went to Emmits on Milwaukee where where Matt Damon was for Oceans 11. Anyways the night was a ton of fun and tuesday was tired hangover zone at OLS. I will have lots of pictures up ASAP. Also if you didn't already know it, I am huge fan of Apple and everything apple, I have more ipods and apple toys than I have ears and fingers. I love the stock and have been playing in and out for 5 years, Today was earnings day and they blew away the numbers and I expect them to keep doing that for the next couple years. Iphone is taking over the work like the Ipod, and here is the biggest proof, Eddie is Mr MSFT and he lives and does msft everyday and has for years. Well Mr msft is now the proud owner of Ipods for himself and Julie, he also loves his Iphone, and is a new owner of the Apple TV and also as of this week he has a Mac Book pro. well the proof is in the pudding Eddie owning so many Apple products means that every man woman and child will have something apple very soon. sorry for not having the paragraph breaks but I think if i press enter on the IM window it will post instantly, I will try to learn how to do it correct later. Oh I almost forgot, my Seester is coming in town this weekend and I will be seeing her and the kids Sunday, I cant wait to spend a half a day with them and than run home to safety =) wow one last thing, I saw a very good movie last night Paris Je T'aime, the movie was very good and I on a Paris kick these days since i cant wait to go back, I also saw another movie based in Paris "La Vie En Rose" a few weeks ago and that was very good also about Edith Piaf a famous french singer, Very good also but not for everyone, the actress that played her was incredible. Ok thats it for now and wow that may have been my longest post ever with my easy way of posting

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