Back from Vegas and NATB

Well it looks like that worked, I have a new easy way to post from my Instant Messenger. Well PJ and I got back from Vegas late last night and I slept and took it easy for most of today. Vegas was a good time and we went to dinner with Dodger and Frank the 1st night and Marcus and his wife Andrea the next night. We ate at Okada it Wynn and Shintaro at Bellagio. Both dinners were amazing and we sat at the window with a view of the fountains at Shintaro. We golfed 3 days in a row with the Temp around 110 and it was actually alot of fun. We drank and gambled pretty good two of the nights and took it pretty easy Friday night. All and all it was a good trip with nothing major to report. I will start writing more and keeping everyone updated better I hope.

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