Loving my Iphone

Today I am typing on my iPhone while I walk and actually I am listening to my music also. I have had the phone for a week and I have to see it has lived up to all the hype and actually in alot of ways it has exceeded it many ways. It has a few issues that I expect to be fixed in the 1st couple updates. Its Friday and I am looking forward to nice quiet weekend. The last week was busy and has been pretty Mon stop since coming back from Ky's wedding in Cleveland. I had a fun 4th of July, started with golfing 9 holes with peter H out west followed by BBQ at Patrick and kellys house. It was nice seeing everyone and all their beautiful children. Oh I almost forgot I bought a bike last sunday and rode to forest park to eddies house and spent time with Julie and the 3 boys and stayed for dinner that eddie grilled. Till next time

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