summer days

With this walking every day I have gotten better at updating my journal. Let's see, I have been very busy between work and getting together with different people most nights. Went to Bobsan on wendsday with Becky to catch up and have dinner, we have not seen each other since the middle of January. Thursday night went to tango sur with Seth from GC and Finkle actually stopped by with his 2 boys for a few minutes. I am walking to work right now and going to take it easy later. I am going golfing tomorrow with Nick, PJ and perm, I actually took a lesson last week to hopefully correct some problems with my swing. Next week is a busy one, start with Rezas Monday night, dinner with JC Tuesday, dinner with my dad wendsday, dinner with the crew Thursday and Iphone friday and ky's wedding party in Cleveland Saturday. Holy shit that's a crazy week for my lazy ass. Well the walks will continue so the more often updates will as well, just wait for when I start traveling and things will be much more interesting. Stay tuned for this fall.

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