Well I wish I had good things to report but we are in the middle of a shit storm of problems. I won't go through the list of problems but last night was the icing on the shit pie, the office was robbed and it was forsure a inside job and that really sucks. Someone cut a hole in the garage door right near the opener button and went in right to the executive office and stole the whole safe. I had my personal cash savings and I could not be more pissed and upset. The whole day was police and problems and we don't know yet who it was. All I can say is that this really sucks but oh well I guess that's life and we will come out of this and be better and smarter than ever. Well sorry I don't have my usual fun and boring news but I thought I would share the good as well as the bad. Hopefully next update will be much better and more happy times.

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