Dubai is crazy

Well our time in Dubai is coming to an end and we have been very busy the last couple of days. Friday night we had big plans to go out to see a great view for drinks at the Emirates Tower and we got there and were turned away because of our Jeans and no collared shirts so we ended up drinking some scotch and smoking cigars at one of the other bars on the 1st level. We actually sat around and talked and had a really nice time till around 3am. The hotels in Dubai are really amazing and very very nice. We are staying in old Dubai at the Hilton which is very nice but all the new hotels are $800-$4000 a night and I cant explain how nice they are. Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and have been craving this fast food Middle East restaurant at one of the malls so we ended up going there for lunch and it was really good. We made some reservations before we left the hotel for the rest of the day. We made plans for a Desert Safari at 3:30 and we also really wanted to check out the Burgh Hotel and you have to have dinner reservations to go in unless you are a hotel guest. We made dinner plans for 10:30 at the restaurant below the sea. So the day went like this, we went to mall for lunch and since we needed slacks and a jacket for dinner so we ended up both buying suits and getting them tailored so we go to the Burgh and actually we need something nice to wear tonight for drinks at the Emirates Tower on the 51st floor. We went back to the hotel and met up with the Safari guy and he took us for a crazy 6 hours of Dune Bashing and dinner in the Desert. It is hard to explain the Dune Bashing but it was heavy duty crazy Four Wheeling in the desert. It was a lot of fun but also very scary since you always felt like the Jeep was going to flip. After a few hours of that we went to a little village for dinner and took a camel ride and a little Sheik dress up. We then raced to the hotel and got showered and dressed for dinner. We went to the Burgh hotel and the security was nuts, the guards had a list of all people with dinner reservations and hotel guests and that was the only way you were allowed past the front gate. We went in and took a elevator down below seal level and there was an incredible restaurant with fish swimming next to the tables and it was small with like 20-30 tables. We enjoyed a really nice dinner and since our seating was so late we snapped some pictures even though it was not allowed. They were cool since the place was clearing out. We then went up for some drinks in the bar on the 27th floor but we were so tired we left almost right away. The Packers game was suppose to be on at the bar at our hotel at 1:30am but it turned out we could not watch the game anywhere. Dubai has been amazing and we are so glad we came. We have been treated so well and it was nothing like you would expect being in the heart of the Middle East. The people are all friendly and the Customs was the easiest of the trip. It is a city that is growing faster than anything you can imagine and we heard that 70% of the world crains are here. I highly suggest if you have not seen the 60 minutes on Dubai to go check it out on Youtube. We have lots of pictures up from Dubai, please enjoy them at We are heading to Greece tomorrow and let the last leg of the adventure begin. I will post from Athens and we will take lots of pictures and share our good time.

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