Happy Birthday to me

Well just when you thought it could not get better it did. Last night we went out with brians cousin and her fiance and drank scotch and had a really fun night at green belt, it is actually a mall but at night it become a fun drinking hangout area. We woke up early and had breakfast cooked by his 2 maids again and we drove up into the mountains. We golfed a full round at an amazing course in the mountains followed by a huge family bbq at there home in the mountains. This place is so cool, it is log cabin that is so nice it is hard to explain. The party turned into a huge birthday party for me and we had an amazing night. Brians family and and parents are about the nicest people in the world. We are golfing again 1st thing in the morning in the mountains and teeing off in the clouds, after that we have a massage appointment at the golf club spa. What a great time Brian is showing us. More to come

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