Safe in Manila

We are safe and sound in Manila after a long flight. We left ohare at 1am Wednesday night and we flew 14 hours to Seoul Korea, we had about a 3 hour layover and then a 4 hour flight to manila. We were met at the airport by Brian and his father with their driver. We went back to their home which is a highrise that just amazing, I would have to say it is as nice or nicer than an top condo building downtown Chicago. They have 2 live in maids and the view of the financial district and the whole city is beautiful. We took a quick shower had a beer and then went to have some food by the pool. Brians younger sister was by the pool and we got to meet her and she joined us for a snack. Brian had us lined up for 3PM massages at the spa here and they were amazing besides the fact that they started pj and me in the same room like a gay couple. Well as soon as the realized the mistake when the real gay couple showed up they moved us and we got our great individual massages. It was pretty funny cuz we didn't know any better and just thought it was a little strange and of course PJ cuz he knows that shit makes me uncomfortable said he and Brian lined it up on purpose. Well we have been in manila for like 3 hours and I can see we are gonna have a good trip and Brian is going to show us a great time. We have golf and all kinds of things lined up and a trip to there cabin up in the mountains for 2 days. I will try to update when I can and I just wanted everyone to know we are safe and in good hands.

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