so much better

So life these days is pretty darn good and getting better. We are down to a lean solid crew at the office and most of the stress has been lifted. At this time we have pretty much outsourced everything and we get to just concentrate on Marketing. We have cut staff from the low 30's to just 6 of us at the office and I have to say PJ and I are about as happy as we have been in years. We dont have to worry about Employee problems and we dont have to worry about retail customers. My friends company in CT has taken over all our calls, customer service and everything. We are planning on moving back to the old office on Western and continue running lean and simple. The winter trip is planned and we are leaving 12/24, We are starting in Bombay and Delhi and than watch out, I am embarking on hopefully another amazing adventure, just to share a little taste about the plans even though nothing is confirmed except the 1st leg I am pretty sure I know a few places we would like to go. Macau China is one stop we are planning, Doing a little more of China is expected also, Dubai and then head to Australia and New Zealand for a visit. With the way the business is structured we plan on working each day along with some serious traveling. I will leave the travels at that but make sure you check back frequent while we are gone since I will be updating and posting pictures throughout. Just finished a very fun and interesting weekend, Brian Tsai's mother was receiving and award for the woman of the year from the Filipino community of Chicago and since we became like family during our trip to the PI last year, PJ and I were invited to the Black tie Affair, It was such an honor to be thought of in this way and to be able to share the night with the Tsai Family. We actually enjoyed alot of the weekend with them, We went out Friday night with Brian and Mei for drinks at Devons's on Chicago Ave and it turned out to be a late night if good wine and lots of catching up. Saturday night was the Dinner at the Hyatt on Whacker followed by some boozing at the Hyatt bar and followed up by a good time at the Funky Buddha lounge. All in all a fun weekend and for the people who dont think I get out much I did pretty good for an old guy. I have some pictures posted in Misc group. Till next time

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